Green is a buzz word these days, but what does it mean for you as a Russell Hall employee, customer or apartment dweller? Russell Hall is LEED® Gold certified to make a healthier, safe, efficient and more comfortable place to live and work. How?

Better indoor air quality
  • Low VOC carpet, adhesives, sealants and paints and Green Seal cleaning products keep dangerous chemicals out of the air you breathe.
  • A smoke free building limits dangerous second-hand cigarette smoke.

More natural efficient lighting
  • More efficient T8 lighting is installed to consume less energy and last longer than standard lighting.
  • Large windows are energy-efficient and fill spaces with natural light that enhances health and productivity.
  • Most light fixtures use florescent bulbs instead of conventional incandescent bulbs, providing more adaptive light while reducing energy costs.

Lots of transportation choices
  • Bicycle storage is available in the building.
  • Electric car charges can be accessed in the garage.
  • Vanpool parking and hybrid parking are also available in the garage.
  • Nearby access to numerous Metro bus routes makes it easy to commute or travel using public transportation.

Efficient energy use
  • Russell Hall is purchasing 35 percent renewable energy to offset energy used in the building.
  • All apartments feature ENERGY STAR appliances that cut utility costs and save environmental resources.

Efficient water use
  • Storm water retention is designed to water onsite plantings and reduce storm water runoff. Russell Hall's green roof retains storm water in the plantings and dirt, reducing pollution of our bay.
  • Drought resistant plantings reduce the amount of potable water used for irrigation in the green spaces.
  • Russell Hall features waterless urinals, dual flush toilets and water-efficient showerheads reduce potable water use.

Responsible use of materials and resources
  • During construction, the Russell Hall team targeted 95 percent diversion of the construction waste from landfills.
  • About 15 percent of the construction materials are produced locally, helping to sustain the local economy.
  • About 10 percent of the construction materials have recycled content.
  • A recycling program for office and retail tenants is available.